Centennial Mountains between Reas and Taylor peaks

Bill Radecky
Centennial Range
Centennial Mountains between Reas and Taylor peaks
Snow Observations

We rode this area all day. No one in the group had ever ridden this area, so it was an exploitation day. I dug a pit on a S facing 10* slope at 8564’.
HS 144 with 6 distinct layers, everything above 60cm was fairly consistent, the bottom 60 was JUNK, all large grain facets that were very soft, with little to no cohesion. I was surprised by the failure I got at 132cm, it failed very easily on the shovel shear, and with a CT11. I got an ECTN17 also at 132cm, nothing else. I did a PST just for the sake of killing time at had a 15/end at the 60cm interface. If there is a large enough trigger I have no doubt that the current slab is capable of propagating, and if it does the slide will likely be big. We did not see any avalanche activity while riding or driving in.


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