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Snowfall last night left a trace to 2” in the Bridger Range, 3” in Hyalite, and 4-6” across the rest of the advisory area. This morning, temperatures are mid teens to mid 20s F and winds are west at 20-35 mph with gusts of 50-60 mph. Temperatures today will rise to the high 20s and low 30s F. Expect continued strong west winds at 30-50 mph. Snowfall will taper off this morning, with a possibility for another 1-2” in the mountains near Cooke City and West Yellowstone.

There’s no new snow to report, just clear skies and pre-dawn temperatures from zero to 10F. Winds are blowing westerly at 20-30 mph around Bozeman and Big Sky and 10-15 mph near West Yellowstone and Cooke City. Today will be sunny and mountain temperatures will rise into the high teens before plummeting to near -10F tonight. Brrr. Better plug in the car.

Yesterday, the mountains from Big Sky to West Yellowstone and Cooke City received 2-3” of new snow and light westerly wind. This morning skies are clear, temperatures are in the single digits to low teens and winds are blowing from the west at 15-30 mph. Today temperatures will rise into the 20s and drop to near zero tonight with moderate westerly wind. High pressure will block further snowfall through the weekend and bring cold, dry and sunny days.

This morning the mountains do not have any new snow and temperatures are single digits F. Wind was 0-5 mph out of the southeast-east yesterday and will be west-southwest at 0-10 mph today. Temperatures will be teens F today, and a trace to 1” of snow is possible near West Yellowstone and Cooke City. The rest of the week is forecast to be cold and dry.

The mountains did not get any new snow since early yesterday morning. Wind was 5-15 mph out of the southwest yesterday, and is east-southeast at 0-10 mph this morning. Temperatures are single digits to low teens F this morning, and will be in the high teens to low 20s F today. Wind will remain light at 0-10 mph out of the southeast to east. Today will be partly sunny with a trace of snow possible this evening, then cold and dry the rest of this week.

Overnight the mountains picked up 3-4” of new snow. At 5 a.m. it’s snowing lightly and temps are in the teens F. Wind are blowing 10-20 mph out of the W-NW. Today, snow gradually tapers off and skies will become partly cloudy by this afternoon. Temps warm to the upper teens to low 20s F and winds will remain light to moderate out of the W-NW. No significant accumulation is expected tonight into tomorrow.

This morning skies are clear and there’s no new snow to report. Temps are in the teens and winds are blowing 5-10 mph out of the E-SE with the exception of Bridger Range where they’re blowing 15-25 out of the E. Today, temps will warm into the 20s F and winds will gradually increase and shift to of the south-southwest. Skies will become cloudy this afternoon as a weak storm system approaches from the south. By tomorrow morning the mountains will likely see 2-4” of new snow.

At 5 a.m. all the mountains except the Bridger Range are reporting snowfall. Big Sky to West Yellowstone has 3” with 1-2” in Hyalite and Cooke City.  Mountain temperatures are near 20F and winds are 15-30 mph with gusts of 40 mph from the W-SW. Snowfall will add another 2-4” by tomorrow morning with Cooke City getting closer to 6”. Winds will remain the same and temperatures will rise into the low 30s under mostly cloudy skies. Thursday looks to be partly cloudy with moderate SW winds and temperatures hitting the 30s.